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22-03-2004, 17:04

"I've recently bought a wireless router model WL500G which has VPN support (i don't know fou sure what is does mean!!!).
However, i've been trying to setup VPN functionality, but there is any information available on the user's manual.
Could you please let me know how to setup the VPN ?"

This was a message that i've sent to Asus support, but i'm still
waiting for a reply.

Could you please share the knowledge on this issue?
Are there any tutorials on this?

I'm trying to setup up the VPN on my HomeNetwork, in order to get safetly connected to it, whenever i'm using a public hotspot.

As Antiloop replied to me: "the wl500g does not support VPN Server functionality out of the box, it only supports something that looks like VPN-Passthrough".

I wonder that if we may create a virtual VPN server on the NAT function? Or any alternative, as i don't want to leave my personnal deskstop permanently connect just to provide the vpn server functionality.

Best Regards to you all,
Jose Antao (Lisbon-Portugal)
e-mail: mig67@netcabo.pt