Bekijk de volledige versie : HELP! Killed wl-500g by flashing old firmware

13-03-2005, 20:46

I think I killed my 500g but am not sure it it is totally dead! Help would be much appreciated.

I flashed the firmware from to in an attempt to stop the constant packet loss but the update program seemed to die, and when i unplugged then plugged in the router the PWR light flashes on/off every 1.5 seconds or so. I can't connect via the LAN port when it it plugged directly into my computer's ethernet port and it cant be found over the wireless. Is I dead? or is there anyway I can restore any firmware? Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I don't know anything about telnet sooo.... please bare with me I'm a but new to this.

Thanks for your help

13-03-2005, 21:42
Styno made nice description Firmware upgrading HOWTO (http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=1329). This step by step procedure is applicable for downgrading as well.

14-03-2005, 15:57
Thank you so much! worked like charm.