Bekijk de volledige versie : 143 KB/s up en 1300 down?

Jeroen B.
28-02-2005, 21:29
Today I Bought a WL-HDD. Mounted a 30 GB Hitachi. Had high hopes for 3,8 to 4 MB/s up and down speed. After uploading (wired) a 454 MB ISO in 53 minutes I cried (quietly). "Should I return it?" I thought. So I tried Downloading a file. A stonashing 1,3 MB/s download. Woaw!!! :eek: I formatted it with the formattool in the webserver. Will it go much faster with fat32? Will NFS (?never used before?) speed up things? How do you do it?
I also want to use it for emptying my CF-card. For that its fast enough.
But as ftpserver....
Please wright your well appreciated comments.

Jeroen B.
01-03-2005, 21:47
I'll return the thing.