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17-03-2004, 16:31
As reported by the German magazine c't, the 500g sometimes does not disconnect properly. For example mine has problems after I have used Bittorrent.

Does anyone know how I can force a disconnect? (I really don't want to use custom firmware if possible).

I've tried some software called Router Control (www.routercontrol.de) which gives an indication whether the router is connected or not. If the disconnect option was available in the web interface like many other routers I could use this to force a disconnect.

For the Linksys WRT54g, Router Control issues the command "apply.cgi?submit_button=Status&submit_type=Disconnect&change_action=gozila_cgi&wan_proto=pppoe"

Do any of you experts have an idea if a similar command could be used for the 500g? (tried the profile for the Linksys but it didn't work).

17-03-2004, 21:29
If you need pppoe disconnect, then execute "killall -1 pppoecd" via http://my.router/Main_AdmStatus_Content.asp
You can also construct one click url for this.

19-03-2004, 10:41
I have the reverse problem, sometimes the router disconnects itself from the wan, do you know if there is a command to force the connection ?



19-03-2004, 10:57
It should reconnect when any activity on the network is detected. Have you tried increasing inactivity timeout?

29-03-2004, 11:01

I was just wanting to reply and say thanks very much for your tip. It worked well when I tried it with the old firmware.

BUT now with the new firmware it doesn't work anymore.

Could you help me again, with a command for the latest firmware?

Also I couldn't get the "one click url" worked out - how should it look?

Thanks for your efforts, bodel007

29-03-2004, 11:38
killall -1 pppd


30-03-2004, 13:38
Thanks Oleg!!!! worked well.:)