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26-11-2003, 20:28
I am unable to make a VPN connection with the network of the university. With my previous Draytek 2200 router it was no problem at all.
According to the specs the router allows VPN pass through. But how do I make a connection with the VPN network.
It must be possible using your own computer, but I do not know how.
Does anybody have a solution?

26-11-2003, 22:15
I am not aware of any problems connecting to a VPN... In fact, I connected to a Windows VPN when I used the WL-500g as a router.
Only thing I can offer as suggestion is, have you updated the firmware?

26-11-2003, 23:24
Hello Muaddib,

Firmware I am running is which is a pretty new one.
I understand there are also different vpn servers. Don't know which one is running at the university.
Strange you're not having any problems, but good for you. I look into you're suggestion tomorrow. Worth trying.

Thanks for the reaction and keep you posted,

15-12-2003, 23:58
Via networking and dial-up connections it is possible to configure a connection. However one has to configure the router as well. Open certain ports. I think port 1723 is important, but I can still not make it work. Anybody with some suggestions? Incoming ports or trigger ports?


16-12-2003, 00:16
ben jij niet door asus doorverwezen naar dit forum toevallig ? of heb ik de verkeerde voor me..

ik zelf heb jammergenoeg niet de beschikking over vpn server die compatible is met de windows vpn client.. dus kan niets voor je testen..

16-12-2003, 20:23
De asus helpdesk heeft mij attent gemaakt op dit forum. Zelf komen ze tot nu toe met niets. Het moet echter mogelijk zijn. Ik ga door tot dat ik de oplossing heb. Ook de UT weet de oplossing niet. Als ik eruit ben zal ik de oplossing posten.

16-12-2003, 21:18
(sorry for the dutch.. nothing interresting for u guys)
dacht ik al ja..

mja in nederland zijn ze afhankelijk van asus taiwan.. en daar zit het probleem.. dit taiwanezen hebben een rare mentaliteit namelijk..

als ze iets niet weten daar krijg je meestal gewoon GEEN antwoord op mail of wat dan ook..

of je moet 3x vragen of ze willen replyen.. beetje dwars dus..

wij zelf hebben ook het probleem.. we hebben namelijk wel contacten in asus taiwan.. die over de wl500g gaan.. maar veel verder komen we niet.. aangezien een reply op een mail gemiddeld 2 tot 4 weken duurt.. met meestal de helft maar beantwoord.. zodat je weer opnieuw kunt beginnen..

verder valt me de firmware updates voor dit apparaat NIET tegen, omdat ze er toch stiekum best veel voor doen (ook al lijkt van niet.. )

20-12-2003, 01:57
Can someone tell me how the IP config of the WL500g should be.
I thought it has to be.
Def Gateway:

Or do i have to change others too.
Have read the manual: but not very clear on what to use.

I have a XS4ALL adsl connection and a Alcatel Speed Touch modem.

Found out it was the DNS setting.
Works fine now

19-03-2004, 23:17
Originally posted by Lion2000
Can someone tell me how the IP config of the WL500g should be.
I thought it has to be.
Def Gateway:

Or do i have to change others too.
Have read the manual: but not very clear on what to use.

I have a XS4ALL adsl connection and a Alcatel Speed Touch modem.

Found out it was the DNS setting.
Works fine now

i've the same problem. It drives me crazy seeing it fails everytime.
with the setting above, I can not connect to the internet.. :(

i've also read this post: http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_message/19465153#19465153

maybe you can tell me what to fill in the dns field? (I have it now on Automatic: YES)

Some extra information:

In the Status & Log >> Status screen

I see:

WAN interface
IP Address: EMPTY
Subnet Mask: EMPTY
Gateway: EMPTY
DNS Servers: EMPTY
Link Status: Disconnected <-- ?? is this normal ??

22-03-2004, 14:13
I too am experiencing problems with VPN using this router.

With me sometimes it works (approx 1 in 20 attempts) but most of the time it fails and I get Error 721

The fact that it works sometimes implies to me that there is no particular setup required (I'm using the default factory settings) but somebody please prove me wrong and tell me how to get this thing working reliably!

I suspect there is some software problem that will require a firmware update to fix. (I'm currently using the latest
I don't suppose any of the customised firware releases address this issue?

I have asked ASUS support about the issue (no response yet). If they don't sort it out soon I'll be returning the router and getting something else.



22-03-2004, 17:10

The router works as an VPN passthrough router only. In order to join vpn networks you need a VPN router. Check out www.draytek.nl . Another vpn router is an linksys, also affordable.
Disadvantage of these routers is that there is no printerport on the router.
Disadvantage of this asus router is that the printerport does not allow twoway communication between printer and pc. Inkt quantities of the printer can not be read. Than you have to eliminate the router.


22-03-2004, 17:18
Thanks Flyaway,

It is with VPN passthrough that I am having trouble. I'm just attempting to access my work network from home. The Asus router is used at home to connect 2 computers to the internet. You wont catch me doing anything clever like joining 2 VPN networks!

I think most routers support simple passthrough as shlould the Asus but it just doesn't seem to work very well. For me it only works one in twenty attempts.



22-03-2004, 20:41
When I enable the Firewall I am not able to make VPN passthrough work. else OK.

I was not able to configure the filter table and port trigger (lack of patience) to make it work, even that I was close. I ended where the Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) traffic was trap’ed by the WL500g.

23-03-2004, 07:49
I was able to get VPN to work. If have a demon adsl connection with a Zyxel 650 ADSL modem and thus an ASUS WL500-g. The problem is that with the standard windows VPN connection an NRE protocol is used and this is not supporten by the ASUS router. What I did, was to set the Zyxel 650 in router mode and set the ASUS in Accesss Point mode instead of homegateway. Instead of being a router it is now just a switch and with wireless. I'm now able to set up a VPN connection with work.

23-03-2004, 10:00
Guys, try upgrading to latest official firmware


23-03-2004, 17:16
It seems from the change log thet the GRE protocol is now supported, thus VPN should work now with the latest firmware. When I have the time I will try it out.

23-03-2004, 21:46
:) The new firmware fixed the problem for me :)
Very Happy Now.
Thanks folks!


25-03-2004, 06:03
The new firmware fixed my vpn to work connection also, I am a happy camper now.

25-03-2004, 07:49
I am experiencing problems that are related to the problems mentioned above, I think. My internet connection worked fine with the firmware These where my settings:

WAN Connection Type: PPTP
WAN IP Setting
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: (used as host for VPN, IP from my Speed Touch ADSL modem)
PPPoE or PPTP Account:
User Name and Password

DNS settings not automatic (I added two adresses)

Like I said it worked fine until I installed the new firmware ( I just couldn't connect. I tried it with and without the firewall, with and without the DNS settings automatic, with another subnet mask, but it didn't work. I hope you guys can help me out here, I really would like to use the new version, because of the security and extra options.

Edit: I forgot to read page 2 of this subject, silly me. But my question remains: what do I have to do to make it work. What settings did you guys use to make it work?

03-05-2004, 23:25
Hi. Is there any chance to make connection to VPN with PPtP protocol via WL500g. It isnt regulary connection over adsl modem but i have some router which i used to connect to internet provider with VPN. If i set the PPtP connection in WL500g configuration i cannot ping ip that i used for VPN connection(