Bekijk de volledige versie : wl700ge with laptop hdd & ide cable

16-12-2008, 20:24
since long time i have below cable and was wondering if any of you know
if this would work...
on this cable is written :
'hung fu awm 2651 e97252-h vw-1 105˚C 300V 28awg -013'

i am not a specialist in firmware and changing codes and stuff like that but
do see interesting post and detailed info on how todo this...also i feel ok!
with all the support, in mental case it goes wrong, i find on this forum.
i never openend the router but have seen pictures of one who had the glory
guts to do this :-) so i might go deep into this with my tools and do what
i am afraid of. WTF i just buy a new one and donate the one i messed up with
the screwudriver. :)