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13-03-2004, 16:34
Hello everybody,

I just bought a Asus WL-500G, and It works well, except the fact that sometimes, when I'm navigating in the HTTP interface of the router, Windows XP crash suddenly (Blue screen and reboot). It is only when I'm in the interface of the router, and it never occurs before I get it. Anybody have an explaination for this
Here is my version of IE 6.0.2800.1106

Also, how could you disable Wireless. Since I don't have any wireless device for the moment, I would like to disable it. I saw that it is possible, but I didn't find the option in the router.

Thanks for everything


13-03-2004, 19:07
Try to update WinXP and MSIE with latest fixes. Try to search the system log for a BSOD reason.
If you have router firmware or later, you can disable wireless radio from web configurator - Wireless - Advanced - Enable Radio option.

14-03-2004, 06:38
thanks for the reply,

It turns out that I got a irq conflict with my new 100mbs ethernet card. So i does not come from the router :)

BTW I had to use the customized firmware (oleg one), because the router lost the wan after some download. I'm still trying to fix it.

Thanks for the radio option


14-03-2004, 10:34
Originally posted by calimero
the router lost the wan after some download
Read this: