Bekijk de volledige versie : GPL-WL300g-500bg

12-03-2004, 19:09
Enjoy it... :cool:

13-03-2004, 02:00
I can see in the firmware there is reference to a WL-600. Will there be one more version (next to the WL-500 and the WL-300?)

BTW... what is that FTP server darn slow...

15-03-2004, 13:10
It's fake. Asus guys seems do not understand what GPL means. They have posted partial kernel sources - there is no way to rebuild it and iptables-1.2.6a. But all other stuff are binary only!

23-03-2004, 22:22
Another (and even obsolete) fake? :)
ftp://www.asus.it/pub/ASUS/wireless/WL-500g-03/GPL_1653.zip (161MB)

Update - a much better link:

23-03-2004, 22:45
I'm tried to download it, but it stopped at 87% 2 times now. If somebody was able to download the file without trouble, I'd like a mirror ;)

23-03-2004, 23:10
Originally posted by Booster
I'm tried to download it, but it stopped at 87% 2 times now. If somebody was able to download the file without trouble, I'd like a mirror ;)

do you have 160mb webspace for me available?

just leeching the file.. very slowly 20kb/sec..
looks like the asus ftp is heavily visited last weeks, it almost every time full

but maybe i can host such as those files in the future, a new server will be placed (soon i hope) when someone donates me a new 19inch case :)

24-03-2004, 00:58
Well, webspace ain't the problem. Datatraffic is, though.

But I only need to download it once :P to take a look.

24-03-2004, 07:55
if it is still necessary in the next days write me, i have 2,7 gigs available at the moment with 150 gig traffic :)

24-03-2004, 10:35
A fresh version... :)

24-03-2004, 10:49
I've jsut examined version. Looks like the real firmware sources, but still lacks some code. You can't rebuild kernel wl & et modules - there is nothing in the source tree. There is no way to build 2.4.5 modules which is used in the "filesystem" of this firmware.
Also, lpr which is a based on the GPLed LPRng is missing. rcamd uses some libraries which is provided only as precompiled versions.
There are lot of work should be done to build the firmware itself... I think Asus guys should spend more time on doing the right sources...
Just started downloading of

24-03-2004, 10:51
The good news for is what we've now httpd sources. :)

24-03-2004, 14:45 - kernel sources now includes precompiled wl.o object files (that's ok), but does not contain ethernet sources (why???).

Call for ASUS guys: please include et module to the source tarball & your parport_splink module, so we can recompile printing modules to 2.4.20. It's mostly a trivial copy paste of other GPL sourced module with an access to memory mapped parport.

24-03-2004, 16:26
Ok, another bad thing - provided kernel sources does not allow to build the same kernel. Are they joking? Anyway I've figured out the difference and rebuild the kernel. Also et sources are available in the linksys wrt54gs firmware... As soon as I compile all the things I will post the patch... kernel does not include modifications which asus made to usb-storage ( does), but they're not needed for my firmwares either way...

25-03-2004, 15:05
Just to finalize. et driver could be rebuild using the other sources, but Asus has perfromed modifications inside it, mostly considerable is how the LED flashing: broadcom sources set this to traffic meter mode (i.e. flashing faster if there is lot of traffic), while ASUS has changed this to activity only mode. Probably there are other changes inside the module, so for now we're not able to reproduce exactly the same module. :(