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26-11-2003, 05:41
I have configured my WL-500g with four 40-bit WEP keys, which I wish to distribute among the different users on the wireless network. Using key #1 on a client poses no problems, but I can't seem to get connections with other keys right. It looks like clients do connect at the data link level, but no higher-level traffic seems possible (no IP address assigned through DHCP).

Am I trying the impossible, or have I forgotten something? Clientside, in the four WEP key fields, I fill in the one used, and then flag that it's the one being used. I did this with an ASUS WL-140 already, as well as *dig memory* ... some other client.

26-11-2003, 11:21
you can only select ONE key to be active (see Default key at Wireless->Interface), also key rotation is not supported

also the reason that you don't get a IP via DHCP is because the wep key you're using at that moment does NOT match.