Bekijk de volledige versie : GPL1128 vs GPL1817

09-02-2005, 00:03
i'm new here, and try to get as much info as possible for the WL-HDD firmware
i read some discussion in forum, it seems if i'm not wrong, currently there
are 2 version of WL-HDD firmware being developed in this forum, one
is from oleg based on GPL1817 and the other from antiloop based on GPL1128.
can somebody tell me what the differences in term of feature??
i plan to embed later twonky media server. which one is more suitable for
that purpose? thank's

12-02-2005, 19:12
Hi :-)

I like all the three / four versions I have tested at the moment, but not / unsure which one to give the chance ... every one has some pro's and con's ...

I have some problems with OLEG one understanding how to compile it for WL-hdd ... only testing his newest .trx for wl-hdd ...

- I'm searching one version in which I'm able to modify the default setting inside the .trx and do not have to change them after upgrading ...
* set my IP
* store my custom WEP keys
* WLAN status default to off
* ...

- I want to have the keypress of button press modified ... to have easy access to some basic functions ...
* switch WLAN on / off
* shutdown device
* reboot device
* restore factory setting

... thinking to prefer OLEG's version, but how to compile?

Questions over question and no answer :-( hoping now to get some ...


12-02-2005, 22:38
no answer because the step by step guide on Oleg's page is easy enough for any newby to compile the firmware.

Maybe you should read it, before waiting for somebody to rewrite it for you.

13-02-2005, 11:32

sorry for my stupid ;-) ... found it ... sorry for overseen it ;-)