Bekijk de volledige versie : Firmware on WL500gP (older version, not V2)

29-10-2008, 12:59
Dear Members,

One stupid question - is it safe to install the newest firmware version (http://oleg.wl500g.info/ on older router version WL500gp (NOT V2) ?
I read that in the newest version there is added support for WL-500g Premium V2.
But if I will take WL500gp- (instead of WL500gpv2- everyhing will work fine - am I right?

Thanks for answer,
Kind regards,

29-10-2008, 22:56
yes, you are 99,99% right.
There is although a 0.01% chance that you'll brick something.
There's no FW upgrade without risks... :p

PS: I had on my router, old version, not V2. Now i have the same version with HSDPA support, so i confirm: it works.

Greetings and have fun!

29-10-2008, 23:09
just to settle it may be a bit more clear: wl500g Premium and Premium v.2 differ in hardware.
So, if you have an old Premium --- the WL500gpv2- is not an option for you. Your choice is WL500gp- It is the latest firmware available for your router from Oleg.