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03-02-2005, 10:53
Hi !
I bought one WL-HDD an put in an 1.3 GB harddisk for testing purpose (i want to mount it in a SAT Receiver D-Box2)
so 1st i used created a share called test available for user "guest" and user "gerd" for share & write.
the name for Wl-HDD is wlhdd and it's in the same workgroup like the rest of the network. <====> Linux router <=> WRT54G/WDS mode <= Wireless net=> WLHDD
So on any windows client (net can see the wlhdd in the network neighbourhood, but when i try to browse the wlhdd "Network ressource not found contact sysadmin" (i'm looged in at win client as user gerd using same password)
for linux machine i use unencrypted passwords.
But also a try mount wlhdd share on the linux machine fails ( mount -t smbfs -o username=gerd,password=xxxx // /mnt/test)
with "invalid network name"

now i upgraded to and created 2 shares and did same with 2nd share
=> same result

ftp with that username also fails => "Login failed"

Ciao Gerd