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28-09-2008, 15:20
Hi folks,
I just got new WL-500W and I'm ready to step on it :mad:
I have Sipura SPA3000 working 100% behind netgear DG834
but if I connect it to the Asus router either it will not register at all
or incoming voice is perfect but outgoing is terribly choppy.

I forwarded same ports on the Asus as I had it on the Netgear ( 5060 )

Can you PLEASE save my sanity and help newbie ? :)

Using firmware


28-09-2008, 18:35
spa3102 works fine through wl500gP (Oleg's fw, however, I don't think that that's the issue) without any port-forwarding.

I would guess, it could be helpful to give to SPA an address of STUN server.

28-09-2008, 19:19
Thanks for reply !
I use STUN server as well.
Even if I put my Sipura to DMZ it doesn't work :confused:
( My provider is FWD - Free World Dialup )