Bekijk de volledige versie : Difference between Asus WL-100g and Linksys WPC54g

23-11-2003, 03:18
as some people wanted to know the difference between those cards, here are the Internal Photo's of the Linksys WPC54g.
The internal Photo's of the wl-100g can be found at the PS Forum

the main difference between those 2 are, the dipole antenna from the WL-100g card. The rest seems to be identical. And maybe a -better- or -worser- driver.

http://files.wl500g.info/asus/wpc54g/img/image1.jpg http://files.wl500g.info/asus/wpc54g/img/image2.jpg http://files.wl500g.info/asus/wpc54g/img/image3.jpg http://files.wl500g.info/asus/wpc54g/img/image4.jpg http://files.wl500g.info/asus/wpc54g/img/image5.jpg http://files.wl500g.info/asus/wpc54g/img/image6.jpg

25-02-2005, 23:16
Hi Folks,
I have a rather old NB with win98 and P233 and the performance of th control utility is boring me.
Has anyone tried the linksys driver?