Bekijk de volledige versie : Trying to get the WL-HDD to work as a wireless client

07-09-2008, 23:00
I've searched the forum and the answer is probably there but cannot see it.

I already have a wireless router and only want to use the WL-HDD as a wireless hard drive that is hidden somewhere in the house for recording images from a couple of wireless security cameras.

Have assigned it IP and it works when plugged in to the Router but cannot find it when it is in wireless.

As my wireless network uses "WPA - Personal" I've upgraded the firmware to Oleg's and put the wireless WPA settings in the WL-HDD.

Reading though the forum I've tried setting it as a Ethernet Bridge but not sure if this is correct.

Could someone please help. (one weekend gone already).


Jeroen van Omme
08-09-2008, 08:33
Did you check out htis thread (haven't tried it myself).

09-09-2008, 23:09
Thank You Jeroen.
I'll continue trying this weekend. Feel I am closer.
Also I should have posted this in the Q&A section/