Bekijk de volledige versie : nach upgrade funktioneren viele programme nicht mehr

07-09-2008, 17:53

nach meinem letzten ipkg upgrade funktionieren viele programme nicht mehr. manche stürzen mit einem segmentation fault ab, andere geben andere fehlermeldungen. ich weiß nicht genau woran es liegt, hier eine liste der aktuell installieren programmversionen:

cmdftp - 0.9.7-1 - cmdftp is a tiny command line FTP client that features shell-like functions, passive mode, local and remote transparent modes,
coreutils - 6.12-2 - Bunch of heavyweight *nix core utilities
cron - 4.1-7 - Standard vixie cron, with cron.d addition
diffutils - 2.8.1-6 - contains gnu diff, cmp, sdiff and diff3 to display differences between and among text files
enhanced-ctorrent - dnh3.3.2-11 - Enhanced CTorrent is a revised version of CTorrent
ffmpeg - 0.svn20080409-2 - FFmpeg is an audio/video conversion tool.
findutils - 4.2.32-1 - File finding utilities
ipkg-opt - 0.99.163-10 - The Itsy Package Manager
less - 418-1 - Less file browser
libjpeg - 6b-2 - collection of jpeg tools
libpcap - 0.9.8-1 - PCAP Library
libuclibc++ - 0.2.2-8 - C++ standard library designed for use in embedded systems
motion - 3.2.9-1 - a software motion detector
mysql - 4.1.22-2 - Popular free SQL database system
nail - 11.25-1 - command-line email-client supporting POP3, IMAP, SMTP, ...
ncurses - 5.6-3 - NCurses libraries
ncursesw - 5.6-2 - NCurses libraries with wide char support.
nload - 0.7.2-1 - Nload is a console application which monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time
openssl - 0.9.7m-4 - Openssl provides the ssl implementation in libraries libcrypto and libssl, and is needed by many other applications and librari
readline - 5.2-2 - The GNU Readline library provides a set of functions for use by applications that allow users to edit command lines as they are
screen - 4.0.3-2 - A screen manager that supports multiple logins on single terminal
tcpdump - 3.9.8-2 - tcpdump dumps the traffic on a network
termcap - 1.3.1-2 - Terminal emulation library
uclibc-opt - 0.9.28-13 - micro C library for embedded Linux systems
vsftpd - 2.0.7-1 - ftp daemon with an emphasis on speed and security
zlib - 1.2.3-3 - zlib is a library implementing the 'deflate' compression system.

programme die z.b. nicht mehr gehen:

[admin@WL500GP root]$ enhanced-ctorrent
enhanced-ctorrent: can't handle reloc type 67

[admin@WL500GP root]$ less
Segmentation fault

[admin@WL500GP root]$ ffmpeg
User defined signal 1

[admin@WL500GP root]$ uptime
couldn't get boot time: Bad file descriptor

[admin@WL500GP root]$ motion
Segmentation fault

hat wer ne idee woran das genau liegt? ich vermute irgendeine c library oder so, oder die coreutils. habe es leider erst sehr spät gemerkt, ich weiß nicht mehr was ich alles geupdated habe, seit es das letzte mal funktioniert hat.

bin über jede hilfe dankbar