Bekijk de volledige versie : Stupid network scan on oleg

06-09-2008, 21:02
Well, i just wondered why my network was laggy sometimes, and now I know (since I have my eee pc working with N, my first N client:D)

I have my network on auto channel, just to make sure I never pick an occupied channel

guess what, sometimes it even picks my second router's channel, wich is the same small room. So I think this thing is just weird, if it didn't noticed that it's just stupid.
Now i also found out about the central channel, wich makes my network speed drop
I'm supposed to get 135mbit (eee pc has only 2 antennas) but the receive speed should be 270, wich is sometimes.
the only problem, for this speed you need a central channel, wich I believe is always on channel 11
now I have a problem, because there are other networks on that channel.... which kinda mix up my speed and connection quality.
normally I can get 50m internet, but now only a few meters and my link quality drops.

I've tried manual selection, but the router takes it's own way and just still chooses it's own. I select 6, I get channel 1:confused:

what is going on, does someone also have this problem?