Bekijk de volledige versie : Terrible latency\speed

04-09-2008, 20:37
I have Comcast, using their WebStar modem. I just got the wl500w yesterday and, aside from one point where a friend was able to break 1 MB/s on torrent downloads, the router has been nothing but trouble...

1. Upgraded to new firmware.
2. Found that I have to let the cable modem get its own IP address BEFORE connecting the wl500w to the modem otherwise the wl500w loses connection. This didn't happen with the wrt54g I had before (trying to replace because it can't handletorrents and I want the USB stuff).
3. WPA\WPA2 with my iMac (Ahteros based) 11n, as well as some other computers, yields horrible speeds, jitter and latency. Without WPA/WPA2 speeds are back up to where they were with the 11g router, but I paid 2x the money for this one!

I've already gotten an RMA from Newegg and just have to print out the shipping label for an exchange. Before I do that, does anyone have any suggestions? Will another unit have similar problems, necessitating a return rather than an exchange? Thanks.

04-09-2008, 21:07
Just reflashed with Oleg's firmware. The problem with disgusting latency has gone away but now there's a fair amount of jitter and packet loss happening. And speeds aren't where they should be. Any help please? I'm paying for an 8 Mbps cable connection...

04-09-2008, 21:13
Hmm, looks like AES+TKIP encryption on WPA kills the router. As it stands, with just TKIP enabled I'm getting 16/2 on speed tests, right about where it should be due to PowerBoost. Guess I'll stick with this router after all :)