Bekijk de volledige versie : HDD partitioning

27-01-2005, 20:22
I ordered my wl-hdd and an 80 GB-HDD today. :)

I want to use it mainly as an internal fileserver over w-lan.
Maybe sometimes run a little ftp-server, to access from work via wan.

As I'm really not experienced in Linux-Stuff, I wonder how to setup the WL-HDD itself best and how to partition the Drive inside. :confused:

I'm using a WL-500g now about 1/2 a year (with Oleg's fw CR3b current) connected to 1 PC wired and 2 Notebooks wireless. :cool:

And finally I just want to say "Thank you all" for your support and knowledge at this forum, which I discovered just a month ago :D

28-01-2005, 09:27
Why do you start a new topic if you asked the same questions in other topics allready?

Crossposting in forums is not considered good behaviour (Like SPAM).

Try to do some research here before you start asking. Your questions have been answered in one way or another many times...

Edit: Oh and read the manual, you can download it from Asus website.