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20-08-2008, 16:42
I need to extend my WL500w range, unfortunately it hasn't got detachable antennas. I thought about panel antenna because I need only one part of the house covered. Currently I'm not using the N capability so replacing only one antenna should be enough.

I think that i should buy a pigtail but I'm not sure the type of the connector. Here's a picture of wifi card on page 8.


Could You please tell me what kind of connector to look for.


21-08-2008, 20:15
it's an SMB connector I believe;)
http://www.wa1mba.org/SMB.jpg :D

you should still replace all antenna's

it uses mimo, even when you use 54G
so every single packet will be spread over all antenna's, when 1 is different, it might happen you can have a signal, but only 1/3 of the data is reaching you.

28-08-2008, 23:13
It uses U.Fl connector, 90% sure.

Isn't mimo used only with N ?

29-08-2008, 13:34
oh, yes, my bad it's an U.FI;)

mimo is also used on other versions as far as I know
you got wireless G mimo:p

I think it's better to replace all antenna's, they should work as 1 all the time

04-09-2008, 21:21
Just buy three pig-tails with hirose U.FL (also called Mini-SMT or IPEX) at the one end and reverse SMA (also called RP-SMA) at the second end and with an appropriate length. E. g. at eBay.

I don't think, that 802.11g uses MIMO, but it seems to use at least the Tx diversity in the custom FW by default:

[admin@wlanrouter root]$ wl antdiv
wl: Unsupported
[admin@wlanrouter root]$ wl txant

Unfortunately I cannot say which two of three antennas are used for Tx :(



P.S.: you could also try the "polystyrene yagi", it works really, just google it :)

Or, here is a link (http://sngtks.sn.funpic.de/pictures/CTWLAN.pdf) to a German article :D