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22-01-2005, 17:12

Well... i'm new into embbeded systems.
I promise i'll tell you what i've done with my WL500g and post pics with it's modified LED's :D but for now I have a question:

Where are the settings stored?
F..., I am a Linux power admin, but I can't find them here!
I don't like messing around with web interface for setting hostname, ip's & stuff... Also I don't want YET to create my own scripts to do settings.

Hell, I got the WL500g for one thing and I'll do it:
Download box & a SERVER :). That includes compiling programs on it & a lot of stuff. I KNOW it can be done.


22-01-2005, 17:23
Well, it's already been done, you should use the search function to avoid redoing what is already compiled. Look for openwrt also.

for settings, search the forum for nvram