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08-08-2008, 20:48
These days I've spent some time figuring out the structure of the firmware sources - here are my finding on how to recompile it:

1. Since I use Vista, I downloaded an Ubuntu image for vmware player - i did all the firmware compilation in this virtual machine
2. downloaded the asus firmware, oleg's firmware additions and the uclibc toolchain. these are the items you need to recompile the firmware.
3. I've made a nice script that uncompresses all these packages, applies Oleg's patches on the firmware, and applies some additional minor changes to the source tree.

You can download this package from this location: http://www.moszi.net/dev/download/wl500g-source.tar.gz

The script you should run is : createBaseFirmwareSources from the binaries folder. (cd to this folder, otherwise it will not run correctly)

Also please note, that my own patches are located in the patches folder. Currently only 3 minor changes:
1. correcting the raid1 CRC bug (md.c)
2. wide character support in uClibc
3. Makefile for oleg's patches in order to allow wtmp usage in dropbear (i didn't succeed with this one yet)

Have fun, if you need help, contact me.