Bekijk de volledige versie : FTP srver WL-HDD

20-01-2005, 13:46
Since 3 weeks I have my WL-HDD running in my netwerk.
I would like to transfer files over the Internet for backup reasons via a FTP client (WS-FTP Pro). I am a newby in this field and have already experienced quite some problems to get it running. Untill now without succes. How can I set up a FTP server on the WD-HLL. Which ports do I have to open on my router. Who has this (WS_FTP Pro and WL-HDD FTP server) runnig and is willing to help me out??
Any help would be very much appreciated.


24-01-2005, 20:37
Hi Gert
for FTP access via Internet you have to forward the port 21 in your router to your local WL-HDD ip address.

25-01-2005, 22:17
I also experienced problems to get FTP running.
But after installing firmware and files from JockyW(look in the forum) setting up FTP was pretty easy.
Make sure rights on your partition and or samba dir are the right ones. From inside your network you can't test ftp, only with the internal address for wl-hdd.
I tested the external address with this website: http://www.net2ftp.com
About port forwarding(opening port 21 in your router)
Put in your router port 21 as inside port, take a different port for outside, that's a littlebit safer.
Oh and 1 big little thing, for FTP transfer mode choose passive.