Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-500W very slow on WAN

21-07-2008, 19:46
Since today I have the opportunity to test a 120Mbps connection from my ISP.
Cable connected directly on the Modem works fine . 120 Mbps
Connected on one of the lan ports also not bad 96 Mbps. (makes sense, since the WL-500W has no Gigabit connection)
However wireless the speed is only 30 Mbps
Router is about 5 meter from my USB adapter. Signal is good, speed is around 245 Mbps, but my download speed stays around 30 Mbps.
Does anyone have a clue if I can change a setting in the router to get a better result ?

Thanks a lot and regards.

22-07-2008, 21:25
USB adapters are not really known for speed and low ping... the best way to get the highest speeds is taking everything from the same brand, and really if you use wireles N that is still not enterely completed (draft). currently N draft is on version 4.0 since april this year.

this means that also upgrading your drivers and downloading the newest firmware will help the troughput.
recommended is an intel wifi pci card for laptops, or a pcmcia card from asus, they are known to work well with the asus and have the same version of drivers.