Bekijk de volledige versie : Can the WL-500gP act as a webserver?

30-06-2008, 10:26
I have just bought a WL-500gP unit, primarily to act as a wireless connection point for my TOPFIELD TF5700PVRt digital TV recorder (with some extra software as described in the Toppy.org.uk forums. It involves changing the original firmware to the OLEG replacement.

Now I have run into a possible extra use for this unit to act as a webserver for making photos from a wedding available to all the participants. I am wondering if this would be possible to also arrange?

My home system consists of an ADSL modem feeding into a D-Link DI-624 router, which supplies the connectivity for my home network.
I can set rules in the D-Link to open up a specific port and forward its traffic to any internal IP address of my choosing. But I don't want to run any of the Windows PC:s as a webserver due to the risk of hacking them....

So my new idea was using the ASUS unit as follows:

Connect my PVRt on one USB port and a USB2 2.5" hard disk on the other
Use OLEG software on the ASUS installed on the hard disk
Attach the ASUS into the existing WiFi network as a "slave" with its own IP (I cannot replace the D-Link)
Install the software needed to hook the PVRt into the ASUS and serve it as FTP (covered elsewhere)
Additional: Install a webserver on the ASUS and let it serve out pages from the USB hard disk, which I could manage from my XP PC via the internal WiFi network through FTP to the ASUS.

The crucial point here is if it is possible to run the ASUS (with OLEG) as a regular webserver (a simple one, I only need to handle hardcoded html pages and JPG images)?
What extra software (if any) is needed and how could it be configured?
Can Apache be used????

Would it be possible to use a 4Gb USB flash memory stick in place of the USB disk drive for this type of application? The original PVRt solution uses a 1Gb memory stick to store the software on, but with a webserver added it might not be sufficient (for example if it needs to write constantly to some log files or similar).

30-06-2008, 19:53
YES! For all your questions...
You can find, IF YOU SEARCH in this forum, how to configure your router to do all that you want!!!

17-07-2008, 16:22
Thanks my friend.

I am sure, you are right.
So please refer to me the right thread on this subject.
For query for wl-500gP web server
gives me many links

I just need the right one.
Is it possible to run web server on original (already upgraded) firmware by Asus ?

Http is already running.
Just need to replace ftp on usb drive with www directory
to let my iPod Toch to access web/ www as it can't access ftp.

Just onle simple manual for dummies.
That's all what I need.


YES! For all your questions...
You can find, IF YOU SEARCH in this forum, how to configure your router to do all that you want!!!