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12-01-2005, 16:15
Greetings to all !
Recently got started with the Asus dev and i am trying to compile my first image. :)
Got GPL_1927.zip and wl500g- setup properly, have set the /opt dir and paths, switched to /broadcom/src/wl500g- dir, and did a 'make kernel' with success.
Then when i do a 'make' to get the image it "bombs out" while compiling the ppp with the following error

make[3]: Entering directory `/broadcom/src/gateway/LPRng/man'
rm -f *.[0-9] ?
make[3]: Leaving directory `/broadcom/src/gateway/LPRng/man'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/broadcom/src/gateway/LPRng'
rm -f header lpd.conf ./postinstall ./preremove ./postremove ./lpd.conf init.freebsd init.linux init.redhat init.linuxsb init.solaris ltmain postinstall.freebsd postinstall.generic postinstall.linux postinstall.solaris postremove.generic postremove.solaris preinstall.solaris preremove.freebsd preremove.generic preremove.linux preremove.solaris postinstall preremove postremove a.out
rm -f *.bak ? ?.* core *.old *~ po/*~
make[1]: Leaving directory `/broadcom/src/gateway/LPRng'
make -C /broadcom/src/gateway/httpd clean
make[1]: Entering directory `/broadcom/src/gateway/httpd'
rm -f *.o *~ httpd
make[1]: Leaving directory `/broadcom/src/gateway/httpd'
make -C /broadcom/src/gateway/ppp/pppoecd/ clean
make: *** /broadcom/src/gateway/ppp/pppoecd/: No such file or directory. Stop.
make: *** [custom] Error 2

Any idea what i am doing wrong ?

12-01-2005, 16:17
Download 3a source package and replace all files in the original 3. This will fix build.

12-01-2005, 18:03

Many thanks for the quick reply.
The problem is solved with the .3a :)

The only other problem i encounter is that when doing the final make install , addver is missing from the Asus tools and also it looks like there is a need for an additional path statment so that the /broadcom/tools dir is visible to the build scripts
(trx also fails to execute)