Bekijk de volledige versie : Multicast problem

19-06-2008, 12:08

I use Oleg last fw and I have problem with forwarding multicast packets from Wan to Lan. If I use only LAN ports there is no problem with that.
In my config I allowed Multicast and DHCP routes, also no firewall is on.

I had the same problem with orig Asus fw (

Is there anything what should I try to find out where is the problem?

BTW - If I try replace ASUS WL500W with some Linksys everything works fine.

Thanks for any help

21-06-2008, 21:28

I make some discovery and I found folowing - when I connect my IPTV cable into ASUS WL500W this step totaly finished router because there is a lot of packets errors.
Is any way to find out why reason of these errors?

Thanks for help

27-06-2008, 14:38
what if you try turning down the firewall?
any difference:confused:

29-06-2008, 00:09
My firewall is off. There is no lan to wan and wan to lan filter too.


03-07-2008, 13:26
I have to admit, I don't really have a lot of knolege about multicast packages...
maybe you can ask around in the wl-500gP forums, it has more active members and ppl who know a lot;)

it could also be a utp cable tough... dunno how long they are:p