Bekijk de volledige versie : How can i setup my router to allow SIP-telephony (sipgate.de)

29-02-2004, 21:38
Has anyone used sip-telephony with x-lite and asus router?

X-Lite has logged in, but when i try to phone to my computer, i get not through. I used the settings given by sipgate.de.

How do i configure NAT to do that? If i enable port trigger, x-lite does not even connect any more.

01-03-2004, 21:41
Did not try it yet, but that piece of software is a pain in the ass.

Even with direct connection, it was close to impossible to setup correctly.

If you succeeded, please give your success story

21-04-2004, 19:16
first hi@all

i know (and read) this forum since i get my 500g today ;)

no problem, i justed switched (from smc7004br) to 500g.
and it is still working. i configured it with this (german) how-to:

and what should i say, it works (still) great!!!
now i only need a bit QoS for VoIP.

21-04-2004, 22:24
I got it working, but x-ten light does not support stun (good if using a firewall and nat) and it works only sometimes. Besides, some problems i thought had to do with the router were referring to my phone number not being enabled (took some days).

22-04-2004, 15:07
hmm i dont have such problems with x-lite! it works pretty fine with 500g, not only sometimes. what is your provider?