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26-02-2004, 13:53
Hi there!

I live in a student-housing complex with a wonderful, fast local network (in which an ip is assigned by a dhcp server). In the local network you have to connect to the internet using PPPOE.
When the 500g connects to the internet via PPPOE, I get an IP adress like 145... Then I am not able to access local resources since the local network is using a ip-range starting with 172...

In a windows environment you would get a 'PPPOE' adapter using the 145... ip AND a local network adapter using 172... And you can access both the localnetwork and internet.

Would it be possible for the 500g to use PPPOE, and the local network at the same time?? Maybe using an extra adapter and a bridge (dhcpcd br0)?
Thanks in advance!