Bekijk de volledige versie : How does Oleg's firmware influence on spinning down the USB harddisk?

23-04-2008, 13:49
Does anyone like to share their experience?

I am corrently using Oleg's firmware and spinning down my USB-harddisk (power supplied by wl-500gp).

Spinning down works quite good. Having transmission paused and samba running only when needed (I run samba manually) it spins down for 1000-200 seconds before it spins up again for a few minutes.

With the extra features in FW -10 such as a internal samba and fstab, I wonder if the spinning-down function will fail?

Other questions:

Does the USB-harrdisk have to be powered on before the router? I prefer having the harddisk powered by the router.

How often will the internal samba access the router? I think the 'ipg-one' access the harddisk every 30 minutes.

Should I be worried about the spinning down function before i upgrade my routers firmware?