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27-12-2004, 16:52
I recently upgraded my firmware to make a webserver, and use leechFTP to upload my pages. (Go figure :rolleyes: )
But uploading with a multi-threaded ftp client doesn't work as expected.
The files aren't uploaded to the 'wwwroot' subdir (or any other), but to the ftp root folder.
This has something to do with the second thread to the server.

I used a workaround: lower the number of threads to 1, put the file in the queue, close the 'connection' thread, and that thread will be used file transfer.
You have to reconnect to view the files again.
As you can see this does not come in handy.

Is there any solution available, besides using a single threaded ftp client?

PS. (offtopic)
The forum search function is almost useless for a new user like me, but the wiki pages are a great thing. Ergo, I still managed to do all things using the forum only.

27-12-2004, 17:29
What is wwwroot? Please describe the things you're doing in more details, including ftp server which you're trying to use.
How this question correlates to custom development?

28-12-2004, 14:23
wwwroot is just a subfolder on my flashdrive. Hence the "(or any other)" phrase on my previous post.
Note, the FTP server obviously selects the flash drive as its root location (I.E. /tmp/harddisk/ in my case of Compact Flash storage)

The problem is, when I create a subdir on my flashdrive, and browse to it using LeechFTP, it will upload files incorrectly (it uploads to /tmp/harddisk/ instead of /tmp/harddisk/wwwroot/ (or whatever subfolder I'm using)

I discovered that it has something to do with multiple connections to the FTP server (2 threads will generate the problem already for me)

I'm using mozilla, but with the MS Internet Explorer FTP function (single thread), the problem does not exist.
(edit: mozilla is not suitable for ftp uploads)

So my question is, can someone reproduce this multithread error, and find a solution?

I'm using the default ftp server, but since I used the custom firmware Firmware v. CR2 by you, I thought it could be useful for a future update

Btw, thnx for the quick reply