Bekijk de volledige versie : FTP and speed question

24-12-2004, 15:33
Hi there,

After reading all about wl-hdd in this forum(it's not much :-( and less to find on the rest of the internet or google failed on me), I have some q.

I'm using firmw., running XP (ok, maybe that's the mistake), using a Speedtouch 510 configured as router, dhcp etc etc. and a 10/100 hub. No wireless connections.

When using firmw. I noticed only 10Mb led was lighting(constantly) up on wl-hdd. After upgrading it lights only up when transferring data(ofcourse) but why does it show 10Mb instead of 100? Is there a way to configure it for 100 as with a NIC?

I can't get FTP to work. I followed instructions on the forum, made a NAPt entry on my router, but the only thing shows up is a "file" permission denied.
I tried it from my browser an also from a ftp program. Any clues here?

Thanks in advance.

12-01-2005, 12:38
Ik think there is a bug in the firmware. For me it's also not possible to use disk shares with my user name. Only if guest account is enabled on wl-hdd i can reach the shares. Maybe this also effects ftp? Or is ftp only anonymous? Does anyone know?