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25-02-2004, 14:44
i have problem with throughput on wl-500g and wl-500b

The problem isn't in wifi part, but on metalic part...

So - when testing wl-500b ( - is connected on server with UTP kabel - agains intel etherexpress 100 (
and on the wifi side i have XI-626 wirelles card (

When i try how much data i transfer beetwen, I reach only 250KB/sec ~ 2Mbit/sec - but signal is perfect...

I try bing from to and i get something around 5.5Mbit.. it's ok..

but when i try to i get (on UTP cable!!) only 1.2Mbit.. and it's strange..

Later I tested wl-500g ( - connected to server with another UTP cable ( ) and on wifi i have only 802.11b client ( -

the problem was same.. beetween I have bing around 5.5Mbit.. it's ok.. but
beetween - i have something around 1.2Mbit/sec -- sometime it goes to 3Mbit/sec but after it slow down to 1Mbit..

Where should be the problem?


25-02-2004, 17:05
Perhaps a firewall settings?

25-02-2004, 18:42
Originally posted by Technik
Perhaps a firewall settings?

No, i don't use any firewall on wl-500b/g or in server -- no shaping...

The wl-500b/g is in ACCESS POINT BRIDGE mode..

First time i think, this should be problem with cable (broken, sharply bended, ...) but i tested on another cable with another ap and same problem... i don't know why..

Evening (after learning to school) a try the cable from another computer to wl-500 and test what happend..

25-02-2004, 22:50
so tonight I have tested wl-500g

so i connect another computer into switch - maximum throughput was (in peak) 9MB/sec -> its enough -- in average (sending 500MB file) beetween to computer in switch was 6.4MB/sec (connected computer by crossover cable 11.2 MB/sec )

No i try connect by wirelles on wl-500g and test it, but at the moment i have only 802.11b (actiontec wireless adapter USB = shit) and it could'n connect to my asus box (but in log it seen it - and i have set up wl-500g only in 802.11b mode and show essid, but it couldn't

Sometimes I have bad days -- at Friday, or Saturday i will have some 54Mbit card - so i can test the connection.


But now .. where is problem with wl-500b?? Should be in the cable, bad connector or ? I can't experiment much.. it is on our bacbone -- so i try reconect cable.. and i will see..

If anyone have some idea... write down Thanx