Bekijk de volledige versie : with Access point no web interface

16-03-2008, 15:34
I've tried to search here and also official asus forum, but no luck this far. All I could find out that this seems to be a problem with no answer...

I have actually 2 problems:
1) can't set-up connection to internet
2) except with access point but then I don't have web interface or printer

I have ASDL bridge modem, I believe it has not router or any other fancy features. It's a dummy asdl modem. Normally my PC gets an IP from DHCP server automatically and there is no proxy.

WL-500W has latest official firmware:

2 PC + printer connected to Router => Modem => ISP

Very simple.

problem 1:
This far I've tried to settings where everything is set and get automatically. Router gets connected and all configuration perfectly from my ISP
My 2 PC's gets IP from router fine (via wireless or cable connection)

But no ping or net connection works. Printer works ok.

I've also tried manually set the configuration (static IP, DNS, etc etc) but doesn't work.

I've also set IP of the router to with manual and automatic configuration => don't work

Could this be firmware problem? Or do I just continue try and error method to solve this? Ideas?

Problem 2:
The problem 1 is bypassed by setting Operation mode to Access point.
Wireless and cable connection works ok now, but I cannot login to router. I've pinged, but in vain.

This means that I don't have web interface, and I don't have printer. Printer is a must.

I've tried this with default and also changed router's IP to But doesn't work.

I would be very happy if either problem 1 or problem 2 is solved.

If there is any information missing, please let me know...