Bekijk de volledige versie : OLEG + Client Mode

16-03-2008, 13:38

I have flashed yesterday OLEGS newest Firmware for my ASUS WL-500W :cool:

Have to say I like it because setting up Samba Server was really easy via WEBInterface :D
Also the ASUS original look a like WI is great!


for me the most important fact is - that I have to use WLAN CLIENT BRIDGE MODE :eek:
With DD-WRT which I used before it was easy to set up this mode!

Then my ASUS can connect to my Internet Router and share this via WLAN!
My Internet Router can not change the MODE - it is locked!

So when the ASUS runns in CLIENT MODE - for the Internet Router it looks like a WLAN device like a PDA or Notebook has connected.

My finally QUESTION is can OLEG Provide this CLIENT MODE :confused:
Because the original ASUS Firmware was not able to run like I decribed!

If Olegs Firmware has no Client Mode - do you think to implement it later on - or is there a way the user can implement it via IPKG?

Greet`s Erich