Bekijk de volledige versie : Help - ActiveX webcam module works fine with one PC, not at all with laptop???

11-03-2008, 22:46
I'm experimenting with different firmware packages, at the moment went back to Asus for testing webcams. The quickcam pro 4000 and ActiveX module work nicely (color, 4 fps) on my PC (XP pro SP2, Internet explorer 7.0) but for some reason NOT AT ALL on my laptop (XP home SP2, Internet explorer 7.0). On the laptop the viewing screen pops up and remains empty, in order to see anything I need to click on the link "If you use "ActiveX and Refresh" mode and still can not see any image, please press link following to display in an alternate way.. "

And then the image is B/W and refreshes every now and then...

Anyone one known of a workaround?

best regards,



12-03-2008, 20:27

a shot in the dark, but maybe your pc 'allows' internet explorer to install and use third party ActiveX controls on a website, and your laptop does not.

You can check this in your webbrowser by going to 'Tools'/'Internet Options'/'Advanced'. And your security settings... (maybe the website of the asus is in another security zone on the laptop than on the pc).

Also.. more info about handling active x controls in webpages

13-03-2008, 09:05
Raas - thanks for your reply. The ActiveX module is installed on both machines, it just doesn't work on one. I will see if there's any ActiveX settings I missed in the Internet Explorer security settings but went through that..


14-03-2008, 17:54
regrettably allowing everything under the sun for ActiveX in Internet Explorer doesn't fix it, still the same problem...

The ActiveX component that doesn't function on the laptop is "Netcam_mfc_activeX Control".



24-03-2008, 14:12
getting slightly further as I fiddle with the endless settings in internet explorer security settings.... (not just activeX ones).. got color once.. and some errors.. will update with final result once confirmed and stable.