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07-03-2008, 03:55

I bought a wl-600 today to replace my old speedtouch 330, and I am quite pleased, it's much faster than my previous ap solution.

However, I have a few doubts:

- Any special firmware out there for it, and if yes why should one install it?

Idiot questions:

- It says it has a built in firewall, but is there any configuration for it? there's no reference whatsoever to "firewall" anywhere in the http-based configuration.

- Are we supposed to telnet or something to this router?

Thanks :)

09-03-2008, 22:50
anybody? t-e-n c-a-r-a-c-t-e-r-e-s

09-03-2008, 22:56
bad luck. There's no custom firmware for this device. Telnet isn't available either.

02-05-2008, 15:39
The firewall on this is pretty much preconfigured (it is basically iptables in a linux kernel). About the only thing you can change from the webpage is on Advanced Setup->Security.

You can actually telnet to this device (although I've noticed that if you've ever modified the Access Control menu and then saved the config, it tends to disable telnet) and login using the admin login. You can then type sh to get a shell prompt, and then type 'iptables --list' to get a list of the firewall rules it has configured.

PS: If you've lost telnet, use the Backup Config thing, edit the backed up config and look for the entry that says telnet=something and change it to telnet="lan" (with the quotes) and upload the config back into the box (Asus calls this function Settings->Update, don't know why).


16-08-2008, 08:00
I use this firmware for downloading torrents: