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09-02-2008, 21:39
Hi, how can i increase tx power, "wl txpwr1" command gives me: "TxPower is 127 qdbm, 31.75 dbm, 1496 mW Override is Off"...
txpwr1 Set tx power in in various units. Choose one of (default: dbm):
-d dbm units
-q quarter dbm units
-m milliwatt units
Can be combined with:
-o turn on override to disable regulatory and other limitations
Use wl txpwr -1 to restore defaults

I tried to increase all of them but without positive results... maybe i should turn on override, but i don't know how?

please help

20-05-2008, 13:01
please look at this first: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DBm
30dbm is quite a bit:p
you may set it that high, but the power supply can't handle that I guess...
also, direct input settings don't work for me, when I try to save them with nvram they also don't work...
so... I have no idea, maybe you need to search a bit on the forums:)

27-06-2008, 13:42
the trick that worked for me is a laptop cooler...
if you cool ur asus properly, it somehow transmits a bit more:)
according to the ffc results from rocket the router transmits about 24.5dbm at normal settings.
wich means about 280mw in draft N
that is higher than the europian allowed 100mw:)