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31-01-2008, 18:01
I posted on another topic that i have 2 ic and i woul like to split the trafic

This depends on what you want to do and is mainly a routing problem. I would suggest opening a new thread for this.
We also need more informations:

- How are the connections realized?
- How is your subent setp? Has asus 2 IPs?
- Is imap/browsing outgoing or incoming?
- Torrent is running on your router?

And so on....
On my router i have only an lamp server that should be accesible from the first connection and no torrent client on it.

Both connections are pppoe with dinamical ips(both routable).
What i would want from the router is that it shoul provide IC to all my pcs and also to sustain the lamp server.
The trafiic made by my pc shoul be made like this
- all that means NOT download routed to the first conn
- download to the second conn

04-02-2008, 19:23
Dear friends,

the topic of having two ISPs at the same time is interesting also for me, so I am asking your advice on my intended setup.

Let's suppose I've got my primary WAN connection connected to the router's WAN port.

And let's suppose I would like to connect a Conexant based ADSL modem to one of the USB ports.

So, first I need to make a PPoE call, right ? AFAIK most of the USB ADSL modem howtos begin with the precondition to have 2.6+ kernel. Can someone clarify me, whether this is a showstopper ? :confused: Is it somehow possible to have a working USB ADSL modem with the router's kernel version ?

I would appreciate your help and opinion on this.


06-03-2008, 16:20
u just initiate 2 pppoe connections but u can use one as gateway (serving
if ur think ur an expert u can, split the outgoing rules to always connect from to one ip range from the first internet connection and to another range from the second one.

set forward rules in ur firewall to forward port to your webserver.
if your webserver is local than set it to listen to ppp0 and ppp1.

this way u will serve from both internet connections.

but u will make outgoing connections from ur pc from one internet connection.

im not posting any configs cause there no standard way to do it.
its just routing

06-03-2008, 20:47
I want to do a similar setup:

--main WAN is PPPoE connecting to a DSL modem
--second WAN is a CDMA USB modem.

Please let me know if you have something working.

I have not tried anything yet but what I gathered is I just need some sort of routing beteween these two WAN connections. I do not need it to be fair or balanced, just want to get max throughput.

21-03-2008, 00:03
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