Bekijk de volledige versie : Install (Custom) ASUS firmware via TFTP?

11-01-2008, 20:01
I'm looking for a tutorial that explains how to install a *.nas firmware (such as ASUS's original or Kfurge's custom version) when the web-interface is not working (any more) and when you don't have a Windows machine on which to run ASUS's firmware update tool.

Although the web-interface doesn't come up, I can get the machine into the state where it waits for a *.trx firmware via TFTP, but I don't know how to extract the *.trx file from the *.nas bundle and neither do I know how to transfer the rest of the *.nas file afterwards.

11-01-2008, 23:32
the trx file for the firmware you can get on back2basics homepage


i don't know how you can install the nas file without windows...


12-01-2008, 04:08
I don't think it's possible to install a full .nas without the windows utility. Only the bootloader speaks tftp and it doesn't know how to write the cramfs image, which contains the entire run-time filesystem image, onto the HDD.

- K.C.