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14-02-2004, 12:58
I have already the wl500g.

I am going to connect my satelite tuner to the network, it has only a cable ethernet plug. So I need an ethernet bridge, like the linksys wet54g


BUT, can I use the wl300g or wl500g as well? and which to prefer?

(it's minor price difference and much more for the money if possible)

14-02-2004, 21:12
I think you don't have to buy another WL-300g if you already have a WL-500g. Just try it, it should work fine.

14-02-2004, 22:24
ok, but I think there is a misunderstanding:

I have a home network with 3 pc connected wireless with an wl-500g router as a base, and wl-100g network-cards for the to other lap-tops.

Now, I want to connect my satelite-tuner (and later my PlayStation2) wireless to my wl-500g base. Since my satelite tuner does not have built in wireless-network (only regular cable-network-card), this CAN be done with the mentioned linksys wet54g-unit....

BUT I am wondering if it can be done with buying a SECOND wl-500g-unit (in stead of the linksys wet54g ethernet bridge) functioning as wireless network bridge to my existing wl-500g-router-base????? (or wl-300g?)
:confused: :confused: :confused:

15-02-2004, 01:48
I would say both devices (WL-300g and WL-500b) should match your requirements - the WDS feature is what you need to enable.

24-05-2005, 10:51
how about doing ethernet bridge with WL-HDD?
i have PC connected to wireless router.
can my PC also access WL-HDD hard disk at the same time?
can my satellite tuner which is connected to the network using WL-HDD
at the same time be able to access WL-HDD hard disk?
which firmware be able to do all of these?