Bekijk de volledige versie : ASUS WL-500W with an actual network drive?

05-01-2008, 04:12
I bought the 500GB Buffalo DriveStation TurboUSB to use with WL-500W. I soon found out that although the drive is fast when connected directly to a computer with USB, it gets slow when I connect it to the WL-500W.

Due to the n-draft I get steady 75 Mbps (peak around 85 Mbps) wireless between my desktop and my Asus G1s laptop, which is great compared to the 25 Mbps I've been getting earlier with 802.11g. However, when connected to WL-500W, the Buffalo slows to about 25Mps, and often to like 15 Mbps when there is traffic in and out. It's often quite unresponsive as well.

Given that Download Master is not really that usable either, I'm thinking of ditching the whole USB-thing and getting an actual NAS like Buffalo LinkStation Pro, which I then would connect to WL-500W with an RJ-45 cable.

This might be a stupid question, but should that work all right? I mean should I get around 100 Mbps cable speeds and the full 75 Mbps wireless like that? (The hard drive is capable of more than those speeds.)

Also, since WL-500W only has 10/100, I'm thinking of getting a Gigabit router as well for cable connections between my desktop and the LinkStation, and using the WL-500W purely for wireless connectins.

I guess the Download Master won't work with a network drive? Not that it's a big loss. If Asus (or you guys) ever get it working really well, I guess I can always get a large USB flash dongle and connect that to the WL-500W for those long "offline" torrent downloads.