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10-02-2004, 15:15
I have been using a patched firmware and iptables to configure port forwarding. When I checked the results, I established that the same is done via web administration of the WL-500g.

Everything OK until here. I can use port forwarding from everywhere I could think of (I can access the internal computer via forwarded port 80), except from inside of my company (CheckPoint firewall).

I've been logging the packet that comes into the router from my company it goes through the INPUT chain, through FORWARD chain and even through the OUTPUT (of the forward) chain. But the packet doesn't reach my computer.

When I try to access my internal computer from the dial-up connection, I get through the router with no problems at all.

If anyone can help me, I would be very thankful. I hope my English was good enough to describe the problem.

Greetings, Tomaz

25-02-2004, 17:22
How did u log the packet?

25-02-2004, 19:07
I logged the packet with iptables logging:

something like:
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j LOG --log-prefix 'ALERT'

on every chain.