Bekijk de volledige versie : Encrypted connection not working?

20-12-2007, 22:05

I find, that I cannot connect to my AP when I have encryption (WPA and even WEP) enabled. I'm using a rt2500 based network card and also tried a atheros (ath) based card, as well as a Fritz! WLAN USB stick on Gentoo Linux. On the WL-500W, I'm using the Asus firmware and also just upgraded to - still no go :(

Do other people in this forum also have problems with encrypted connections and WL-500W?

"Funny" thing is, that it used to work - at least I think. It just stopped working from one day to the other, without me changing anything at all (honestly :o)


21-12-2007, 20:56
Update: I installed WL500W- (ie. the current version of Olegs firmware) and it still does not work. S*cks, big time... :((

04-03-2008, 08:11
I had a similar problem. Upgrading to fiirmware looks like fixed it