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20-12-2007, 12:08

i want to create a Symbolic Link in the /www Directory of my WL-HDD with Oleg FirmWare. But i cant this do.

The Mesage is:

Befehl 'ln -s "/tmp/harddisk/wwwzusatz" "wwwzusatz"'
fehlgeschlagen mit Beendigungscode 1 und Fehlernachricht
creating symbolic link `wwwzusatz': Read-only file system.
I thin the Problem is, that the /www Directory is stored in the read-only RAM.
Is it the RAM?

Where can me help to compile or an other Way to get a Symbolic Link in the /www Directory of my WL-HDD?
The Destination of the Symbolic Link in the /www Directory is the Directory /tmp/harddisk/wwwzusatz.

Many Thanks for help.


20-12-2007, 17:58
Yes, there is no way to modify ro filesystem.
Instead you could copy /www to /tmp/harddisk/www, modify whatever you want,

mount --bind /tmp/harddisk/www /www

and restart httpd by killing it.

20-12-2007, 20:26
Hello Oleg and Other,

does it give no way to change the Source Code of your FirmWare before compiling, with add a Symbolic Link in the /www Direktory?