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15-11-2004, 20:32
Hi All!

I'm wondering if anybody can help me...
Does anybody know how to read the radio-values from my WL-100g?? I have to write a little program that we can use to perform site-surveys on certain points.

I'm using VB6 or .NET on (sorry) Windows 2000.

Thanks for the trouble...

15-11-2004, 21:12
simply search the MSDN libraries:




or if you don't have Windows CE

http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/network/hh/network/210wlsod_bc8f9c0e-9290-4a55-9a31-082f00f8bc18.xml.asp (Windows DDK)

Or use WMI solution

Imports System.Management

Public Function GetSignalStrength() As String
On Error GoTo oops

Dim query As ManagementObjectSearcher
Dim Qc As ManagementObjectCollection
Dim Oq As ObjectQuery
Dim Ms As ManagementScope
Dim Co As ConnectionOptions
Dim Mo As ManagementObject
Dim outp As String

Co = New ConnectionOptions
Ms = New ManagementScope("root\wmi")
Oq = New ObjectQuery("SELECT * FROM MSNdis_80211_ReceivedSignalStrength Where active=true")
query = New ManagementObjectSearcher(Ms, Oq)
Qc = query.Get
outp = ""

For Each Mo In query.Get
outp = outp & Mo("Ndis80211ReceivedSignalStrength") & " "
ISIPActive = Mo("Active")

Return Trim(outp)
Exit Function
Return Err.Description
End Function

Why be sorry for W2K?? I really like working with it, should be a bit cheaper though.

16-11-2004, 09:44
Thanks Brubber!

I'll have a go with this!
I used to work alot with VB6 and am now checking .NET out. I'm certainly going to give WMI a try!

Thanks again!