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16-11-2007, 22:02
I'm new here, sorry for my bad english. I buy a WL500Gp this year and with him , a USB HDD WesternDig. (320 GB). I formatted with ext2 and one litlle swap partition. After i install Oleg last firmware ,i can't see my HDD on router. I try to formatt with ext3 and was see ok by my router, BUT it limit me at 2.1 GB. Any files i try to upload on HDD, suddently stoped at 2.1 GB.(Strange!) I have ISO image from my home-made DVD and i can't put this files on HDD because that restriction. FAT32, can't be talk about it, because his 4 GB limitation. NTFS is not suported in write mode...
Maybe if i restore the original Asus firmware, could be better? With that one and ext2 system file format work good , but the speed on wirelless it;s slow. I like Oleg firmware, it's great in settings so i don't wanna erase him. What can i do?
Thank you.