Bekijk de volledige versie : wan to lan filter on default firmware

09-11-2007, 18:09
Hello everyone,

Just got my wl-700ge box the other day, have been reading this forum for three weeks now before buying the box. It came with firmware. Upgraded the firmware from asus site to I know i shouldnt ask about this here, as this forum comes mostly to custom firmware, but I am too "chicken" to use a custom firmware :P

So I noticed ftp port (20,21) are opened from the wan side, also port 80 is open from wan.
I have tried to block those ports from the wan to lan filter (firewall interface) but had no luck. I added the rules with add button, but when I click apply, i got a window with APPLYING and a 30 seconds timer, then when it reaches 0 and the browser refreshes, i get a page not found, the router would stop respond (either to ping, or from webpage) and I can only shut it down using the power button (it shuts down hdd then it turns off). After reboot, the rules I added are there, still I can connect from wan side to both ftp and web
Anyone using this firmware and the built in firewall, could please help me block those 2 ports? :)
Thank you very much in advance.

11-11-2007, 00:36
he he, it seems i'm not the only one with this bug... i noticed there are more options which make the router inaccessable on "apply"... and I use not (i've been even greater chicken than you) :-) what i also noticed that after that, i can conect to the router over wifi but not over ethernet...