Bekijk de volledige versie : getting WL 330 to work as a repeater ???

10-11-2004, 11:59
Dear all,

As my 500g technically is based in the cellar my intention is to put the 330 onto the wall in the ground floow to extend the wireless network to the ground and 1st floor. Now, since two full nights I am trying to get a WL330 (the pocket AP) to act as a repeater for my WL500g based WLAN.

I have
- put both in hybrid mode
- published the 330' MAC adresses to the 500g
- configured the 330 in ethernet mode (MAC adr of 500g in access list, same SSID & channel as set up in the 500g, WPA); unplugged it and resettes the 330 to get
- and upgraded the firmeware 330 to 2.04 and 500g to 1.8.04 off course ;)

Now, am a litte confused as I cannto verfy if the 330 really logs itself onto the wireless net.
Am I wrong in assuming that the AP needs it's own IP from the router? I cannot see a DHCP lease in the router status ....
I cannot see thet the signal increases in the close area to the AP ...

Has anyone here expirience in extending the net this way ... an idea what goes wrong ... or a hint what I have forgotten and thus not set jet ... or anything similar :)

Thanks for your thoughts ...

PS: Unfortunately the asus hotline in Germany does not have a clue and could not help me here ... they just confirmed that I have dor the right things ... :(

07-02-2005, 11:23
i have the same problem here! hope someone can help!!

06-04-2005, 21:51

ok I have wl500g/b and wl330 connected to extend wireless range.
I have done it the follwoing way:
give each ap a different ssid
put mac of wl330 to wl500 and mac of wl500 to wl330
set both to hybrid mode
give both aps a fixed ip
set both aps on same channel
set both aps to connect to listed mac addresses
remove ALL encryption
when it works, you can activate web128
this way it works here, in detail I have a wl500g connected to my lan, via wds I have connected a wl500b and to this wl500b I have connected a wl330 via wds. All in hybrid mode, at wl330 there is a client connected. And on other aps too.

Problems: When I acivate WPA, wds does not work anymore. Dont ask me why, it just does not work, so I have only WEP enaybles at the moment. OK wl330 can not use wpa, so it maybe no problem for you.


07-02-2008, 23:35
I get everything working without playing around MACs and SSIDs.

I used QuckSetup to connect 330 to 500gP in repeater mode. It worked well.

But I had problems with encription (WPA-TKIP or AES).
Problem was solved with setting up repeater in Advansed Settings.

Wireless - Advanced - Repeater
All I had to do - to change
Enable Individual Wireless Setting to "Yes" and
Authentication Method to "WPA-auto-PERSONAL"

That's all. Everything works fine for about month ;)

I have:

{internet} - (wl-500) - wifi - (wl-330) - wifi - (other computers)