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02-11-2007, 04:01
This tutorial is great:
If you are using oleg, replace the line "ipkg.sh install ipkg" with "ipkg.sh install ipkg-opt"

After that you can choose a package from this list:
For example if I wanted to install abook, the first package on the list I would type "ipkg-opt install abook" and it would download, install and configure the package.

20-07-2008, 05:03
I followed the tutorial and everything seems to go as shown, but it seems the automount script isn't running. When I boot, my usb mem stick is mounting as /tmp/mnt/disc0_1 instead of /opt. But the swap partition is mounting and shows up with the "free" command.

I did chmod +x the post-boot file.

Does it matter what USB slot the memory stick is plugged into?

Anyone have any suggestions to fix the auto mount problem?

Thanks in advance,


Edit: I solved my problem by creating the /etc/fstab file and listing the partitions to mount at boot time. I also verified that post-boot was running and mounting the swap file, but for some reason it wouldn't mount the other partitions.

22-07-2008, 20:28
mascat is good, but I still recommend to use the wengi how to in the wl-500gP forum, because these are way more up to date and using the implementions that oleg made :)

if you have trouble mounting a harddrive to a certain point, sometimes creating the folder might work, like this:
mkdir /place/to/mount